Proposed Calendar of Events for Year 2016




March 8th till 11th

Dominican Republic

May 23th till 25th

Miami Free Zone

Trade-USA Costa Rica (Outbound)

August 22th till 25th

Costa Rica

24th  Alliance Business Expo (WT Month)

Postponed to a further notice

Miami Free Zone

25th Alliance Business Expo

August 17th

Miami Free Zone

Trade-USA Peru (Inbound)

September 5th till 8th

Miami Free Zone

Trade-USA Argentina (Inbound)

October 24th till 26th

Miami Free Zone

Planning Retreat for 2016

December 3rd

Choose Park

Family Picnic

December 10th

Brickell Place

The Florida Foreign Trade Association (FFTA) is a non-profit trade organization incorporated in July 1985 that represents the most diverse group of individuals and companies in the foreign trade.