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Tribute to the Trade and Transportation Pioneers

port-of-miami-globe-sculpture-2In 2000, the Florida Foreign Trade Association (F.F.T.A.) made the commitment to undertake a project that would entail recording and showcasing Miami’s historic rise in international trade during the 1950s, 60s and 70s. It was during those decades that a dedicated and spirited group of entrepreneurs began transforming our city from its tourist based economy – and an almost insignificant role in foreign trade – to its current prominent leadership position in international commerce.

F.F.T.A. selected 194 Pioneers in International Trade Transportation industry (ocean, air, trucking and rail) for their vital contributions to the development of our thriving international trade community. The persons selected have been honored through various events. The Florida Foreign Trade Association now welcomes and applauds the project that the Port of Miami spearheaded to preserve and salute those individuals whom we recognize as having made a difference in promoting business relations between South Florida and the rest of the world.

The desire of F.F.T.A. to honor those men and women it has selected as Pioneers goes beyond the luncheons, gala dinners and the website that documents some of the individuals and their contributions.

The monument -commissioned by the Pioneers- located at the entrance of the Port of Miami, was designated Historic Landmark in 2014.

The Tribute clearly conveys the positive spirit, the innovation, dedication and optimism of our Pioneers. We believe the project represent the celebration of a wonderful, powerful and dynamic period in our community, which was propelled by the synergism of many factors and individuals. The Pioneers provided the momentum and the foundation upon which the Gateway of the Americas was built, thereby fueling Miami’s spectacular rise to prominence in international trade.



Jose I. Aguirre
Juan Alemany
Rafael R. Almaguer
Manuel Alonso
Eric L. Andrews
Angelo A. Annunziato
Alvaro (Al) Arango
Frank Arevalo
Jorge C. Arias
Micky Arison
Ted Arison
Jules Armellini
Jose Astigarraga, Sr.
Charles Austin
Eduardo Bacallao
George T. Baker
Ernesto Bascuas
George E. Batchelor
John Batista
Wade M. Battles
Amparo (Anne) Becker
Sol Benson
Elsa Blanco
Brian C. Blomquist
Roberto Bovo
Peter Cajigal
Hector Calderon
Antonio M. Calleja
A. Eric Calzado
Juan A. Cambó
John H. Cassidy
Gustavo Castaneda
Rafael and Maiky Cervera
Arthur B. Chalk
Alvin P. Chester
William J. Clarke
Jack Creed
Martin O’Neal Cruce
Raquel Grist Curbelo
Felix de Armas
Ralph De La Rosa
Jose Maria de la Torre
Alberto L. De Rojas, Sr.
Jorge R. de Tuya
Oscar C. de Tuya, Sr.
Oscar C. de Tuya, Jr.
Leopoldo (Leo) del Calvo, Sr.
Alberto del Cerro
Octavio (Tony) Descalzo
Ramon R. Espino
Antonio D. Esquivel
Aurelio Estrada
Jose C. Estrada
Roberto Faith
Benjamin C. (Ben) Federico
Jose A. Fernandez
Tim Fernandez
Phillip J. Ferrari
Thomas E. Flynn
Susanne Fontana
Nelly E. Fresnedo
Charlotte Gallogly
Maeby Garcia
Charles H. Garrido
L. Rafael and Mercedes Gazitua
John L. Gazitua, Sr.
Ralph Luis Gazitua
Terry Gega
Rene Gonzalez
Mariano Gonzalez
Amado E. Gonzalez
Lou Gorsetman
Vernon M. Gray
Emilio Grenet
Peter Hanley
Alberto P. Herreros
William M. (Bill) Higgins
H. Wayne Hill
Leonore Hoffner
Annette S. Hyder
Eduardo Jaen
Arturo J. Jáuregui
Frank Jimenez
Robert L. Keller
Manny Laca
Alberto Lahens
Guillermo A. Lara-Oliva
James A. (Jim) Laria
German Leiva
Mario Leon
Gerald Lesnik
Cesareo Llano
Jose (Pepe) Lluhi, Sr.
Claudio Lopez
Henry Lopez-Calleja
Mary Lozano-Mendez
John Lynch
Steve and Maria MacDougall
Jose Maria Machin
Ricardo Madan
Alberto J. Mariño
Jorge Marquet
Osvaldo Marrero
Henry Martinez
Ricardo Martinez
Jorge A. Martinez, Jr.
Enrique Armando Martinez, Sr.
Rose Mary McHenry-Williams
Charles F. McKay
Alberto C. Menacho
Manuel A. Mencia
Antonio (Tony) Menendez, Sr.
Fernando D. Mieres
Cheri Miller-Hogan
Esteban Miranda
Louis Mobilia
Ana Molina-Diaz
Jordan Monocandilos
Oscar Moreno
Ramon Moro
Carlos R. Murciano
Rolando Napoles
Adrian Naranjo
Joe Naranjo
Salvador Nistal
Lewis A. Nixon, Jr.
Lorenzo Novela
Julio Oliva
Carlos I. Orizondo
August Paluzzi
Dewey H. Parker
Roland Pasquis
Jorge A. Pedraza
Jack Penson
Roberto A. Perez
Jose Perez-Jaume
Jose E. Perez-Jones
Rudy Pineda, Sr.
Hector M. Ponte
Ricardo C. Puente
Rafael A. Puga
Donald Thomas Quinn
Amalia Quintero
Fred Ramirez
Eric Rath
Albert J. Redlhammer
Howard Steele Reeder
Barbara Reilly
Francisco Rey
L. Frank Reyes
Elizabeth (Liz) Reyes
Albert Ribas
Jean Rich
Eddie Rickenbacker
Jorge Robinson
Alfonso Robles
Eugene (Gene) Rodriguez
Jorge L. and Diana Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez
Mary Lou Rodriguez
Roman Rodriguez
Vicente Rodriguez
Enrique and Amanda Ros
Frank L. Rovirosa
Jorge P. Rovirosa
F. (Frank) A. Rovirosa, Sr.
Emilio E. and Isilda Ruiz
Santiago Sablon, Jr.
Max Salvador
Carlo E. Sanchez
Gilbert Lee Sandler
Alberto Santaló
Enrique Schmidt
Charles A.(Chuck) Schwarz
Manuel A. Sedano
Joseph R. Smith
Jorge A. Soberon
Manuel Sola, Jr.
David Sowers
Bill F. Spohrer
Arthur Stephenson
Julio Suarez
Harvey D. Sykes
Edmundo Torner
Tony Torres
Thomas G. Travis
Juan Terry Trippe
Jose A. Urrutia
Juan S. Vazquez
Eric A. Vega
Nilo E. Villena, Sr.
George W.B. Whiting
Araceli (Angie) Wright
Olga N. Zacarias

The Florida Foreign Trade Association (FFTA) is a non-profit trade organization incorporated in July 1985 that represents the most diverse group of individuals and companies in the foreign trade.

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